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Big Steps Forward

News about my C1 exam

I’v made a few steps forward in my life plans. I’m thrilled to share  some of the progress.

Last week I received news that I actually passed my Italian C1 certification exam that I took back in December in Rome! Unbelievable. I was so convinced that I bombed it that I’ve been studying every day to be prepared to return to Italy to take that exam again. I certainly don’t regret all the time I’ve invested in the last few months improving my language ability through watching movies, doing exercises, reviewing flashcards, chatting with Italians in person and over WhatsApp. However, it does come as a huge relief that I won’t have to go back for this one step.

As it turns out, getting my advanced certification in Italian is the biggest link for me to pursue my dream of returning to Italy to go back to college to become an engineer. Now I just have to take the SAT, which I find somewhat hilarious because it’s been 15 years since I took it last and I already have a college degree, but I’m not complaining! Finally I’ll just have to apply for school. If admitted I might be able to move to Italy as soon as June, which gives me a several month window to transfer with Apple to a new store there.

My class is going well at MCC. It is leaving me fairly excited about returning to taking classes full time and I feel like I’m going to be ready for the transition.

Also I just need to find one more document to start applying for citizenship.

That’s all for now.