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Studying for My Italian Exam in Pescara

MacBook iPhone 6s Peroni

Having finished my slice of pizza I sip on my Peroni while studying for my Italian exam.

Preoccupying my mind is the incredible difficulty of the Italian exam that awaits me. The slice of pizza fills my stomach, the Peroni calms my nerves and the cool breeze fall air lifts my spirits as I work on some practice exams.

I’m realizing at this point how badly I underestimated the difficulty of this  upcoming exam. The C1 advanced exam is clearly crafted to test some of the most difficult aspects of the language in a way that gives some native speakers pause from time to time. I’m struggling the most with the prepositions and the verb tenses. It doesn’t help that a huge portion of my grade will be based on sections that are graded based on my writing and conversation, preventing me from knowing how I’m doing in those respects during my practice.

I’m trying to remain as positive as possible but the stress is starting to wash over me now. I hate to feel defeated a week before I even take the exam, but at this point it feels like I’ll probably have to study more and take it again. I’m feeling more determined than ever and I don’t care if I have to take it twice. This is something I want and I’m going to manifest it in my life. I’m not going to sign up for an easier level just to pass.

Back to studying. This is endless, but it certainly helps to be completely immersed here in Italy.