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Reflections on a Tuscan Sunset

Tuscan Sunset in Arezzo

Sometimes we have struggles that we don’t understand. Sometimes we take journeys and we don’t know where they will lead. Oftentimes I look back at this image I captured of the sun setting in Tuscany and think back to the wonderful memories of that time.

Then I realize that art isn’t about reminiscing. It’s about expression. It’s about healing. It’s about moving forward and creating new opportunities in a world that keeps haunting us with our past.

This sunset is a beautiful reminder that every day will come to an end, giving us a new chance tomorrow to create a new future for ourselves. I seek to set out to find new friends, new roads, have new experiences, but most importantly create new art along the way as a vessel for the experiences themselves and a beacon for what is yet ahead.

In a few short weeks I’ll return to Tuscany I’m sure of it. I’ll photograph a new sunset during some experience that I’ll be completely surprised by yet serendipitously open to as I try to live in the minute.

Come with me on my journey.

See you in Italy.