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Building an Itinerary

View of Casalbordino from Pollutri

At first I was feeling a little stressed trying to come up with my rough itinerary for this upcoming trip to Italy. It’s not that I don’t know how to fill the time. It’s more that there are so many logistial details to solve that could easily be worked out if I had a pile of cash to work with. They seem to require a lot more creativity working on a tight budget.

The first question is wheter to rent a car at all. If I don’t, I’m worried that I won’t be able to get around in Amatrice or have the independece that I’d like to have. If I do that could take more money than I would really like to use on transportation.

Then again busses and trains also do add up and limit my travel to main routes.

I think I’ll visit Romina in Rome at the beginning and end of my time in Italy. I think I’ll spend no more than three or four nights with family. I’m going to try and reserve at least a week in the earthquake stricken region surrounding Amatrice.

Then there’s the question of visiting Milan Bovisa as well. I think it makes sence to visit the actual campus where the program I hope to attend is held.